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Hot Electric Heating Laminating Machine Bopp Film


Main features and description:

◆Germany Siemens PLC control system realizes the whole machine start and stop by one button, with efficient and convenient operation. Under the precondition of various operating parameters set up, the operator just need to press the button “START”, so that the oven blower and heater auto start, the pneumatic roller of gluing and laminating auto press, and the whole machine speed up steadily according to the preset tension. When the operator presses the button “STOP”, the whole machine will speed down steadily. When the machine stop running, gluing press roller and laminating rubber roller will be away from the working position , the oven blower and heater will auto stop.

◆Germany Siemens PLC control system can realize the machine running unattended. Five sections auto tension control; First unwind and second unwind photoelectric EPC system; the oven exit ultrasonic EPC system; every unwind can realize auto alarm, speed down and stop when the materials is finished.

◆The control system of the machine adopts programmable control, with PLC control system and Taiwan Weinview touch screen. Application of field bus network realizes the full auto control of the production process.

PLC is in charge of the data input and processing for the machine tension, speed, and etc.. It is also responsible for the overall control logic control and output. The three parts of glue coating, laminating and rewinding has advanced synchronous speed and tension configuration digital type AC frequency control system(variable frequency motor+Japan Yasukawa frequency converter), and advanced tension full auto control.

The machine is composed by unwinding, glue coating, drying, second unwinding, laminating, rewinding, control, auxiliary device and etc.

Glue spreading part is made up of anilox roller, pressing roller, blade in horizontal, glue recycling unit and etc. The glue spreading is driven by frequency conversion motor and controlled by AC variable frequency.

Drying oven: section heating, automatic temperature control, inlet/outlet air quantity adjusted according to the technology need.

All the rollers in the oven drive automotively and synchronously. All pulling structure adopt the belt. Operating platform and handrail are installed at side of the drying oven for passing the film through the oven, with stairway.

Lamination part is made of laminating hot roller and good rubber roller with high temperature corrosion resistance. The laminating hot roller is driven by frequency conversion motor and controlled by AC variable frequency (during working, the tension auto detection and display).


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